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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What does the 'Inactive User' message on the login page mean?
After you register we send you an email with a link to follow to complete your registration. If you do not do this your account will not be activated and you will get the 'Inactive User' message when you attempt to login.
When will my ad appear on the search screen?
Your ad must be scanned for inappropriate material before it can be approved and added to the database. This normally will happen within 15 minutes, but if your ad is not displayed on the search screen within 4 business hours (EST, M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) then please contact us.
How does the 'keyword' selection on the search screen work?
Whatever value you put in the 'keyword' field will be used to search through the database to find records that contain that value in the remarks field. This is the field most users put comments such as 're-furbished' etc.
Do I have to enter all of the values when adding a new record?
No, but you should enter the values that are used in the search function to help a potential buyer find your boat.
What should I do if I have information about my item and there is no field for it?
That type of information would usually go in the 'remarks' section. You can also contact us and suggest a field be added to the database. If the request is valid we will add the field.
Is my personal information safe on myFlexads?
We take the safeguarding of your personal information very seriously. For that reason we only require your email address and a password, we never ask for or have access to any of your financial information. We use Paypal™, a name you know and can trust, to handle the financial transactions. For more information visit our Security Center.
What should I do if I am aware of inappropriate material on an ad?
On the left side of the Ad Inquiry screen (reached from doing a search and selecting an ad from the search results) there is a drop down box in which you can select the reason you believe the ad is inappropriate. Then click on 'Report Ad' and we will investigate the ad.
How do I change or cancel my ad?
To change or cancel your ad go to My Account and click on 'View all of my ads'. This will take you to a listing of your ads with change and cancel options next to them.
How do I find out about Brokers/Dealers and Super Users?
You can get to this link on the Account page. There you will find all of the information regarding becoming a Broker/Dealer or Super User with us. Contact us if you need more information.
What do the statuses that I see on the 'My Ads' section of 'My Account' mean?
When you place an ad and end the placement process before you complete it, it goes to 'saved' status. If the ad is waiting for financial payment (for example if you pay by check in Paypal) it will stay in 'saved' status until the payment is confirmed. After the ad is submitted (and/or payment is confirmed) it will be in 'pending' status awaiting an electronic scan to confirm the content does not violate our Terms of Use conditions. This normally just takes a few minutes to scan and confirm. If there was a problem with the content in your ad you will be sent an email and it will be in 'rejected' status'. If the ad is current, it will be in 'current' status, if cancelled (either by you or automatically because it was not renewed) it will be in 'cancelled' status. The ad will remain on your 'My Ads' page for 60 days in 'saved' or 'cancelled' status before it is removed from our system.
How do I make my ad a 'Premium featured ad'?
Premium featured ads are chosen from all of our active featured ads by an employee of myFlexads. The ads that are chosen all have pictures and are usually either luxury type items or items that are unusual or unique.
How does a buyer contact a seller?
When you inquire into an ad there are two prominent links to 'contact the seller'. The prospective buyer then fills out a form and presses 'send message' and we will email the message to the person that placed the ad. This will protect your identity if you desire and helps us protect you from spam. Alternatively you can put your email address or phone number in the remarks field, it is your choice.
How do I use the individual web page created for my ad to help promote my item?
Before your ad is posted as status 'current' we create an individual web page for your ad. You can find the http address of this page by inquiring into your ad and copying the web page address in the address bar. Copy this link and post it on any websites that you have access to (such as your Facebook page, neighborhood website etc). The more websites that describe your item and point to your link the more likely your ad will be found and the more likely it will be a search result in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc). If you change the description of your item your web page link may change so be aware of that possibility.


Friends only marketplace specific questions

How does the search for 'friends only' items work?
When you enter an item and select it to display for 'friends only' only users who are identified in your friends list will see your item (the friends list is just a list of email addresses of those you have invited to trade with you in the friends only marketplace). Similarly if you search for items and select to see items from 'friends only' you will only see items from individuals in your friends list.
How does the search for 'friends of friends' items work?
When you enter an item and select it to also display for 'friends of friends' users who are identified in your friends list will see your item and those in the friends list of your friends will also see your items. (the friends list is just a list of email addresses of those you have invited to trade with you in the friends only marketplace). Similarly if you search for items and select to see items from 'friends of friends' you will see items from individuals in your friends list and items from friends of your friends.
How does the search by 'network' work for items?
When you set up your user defaults you can select networks that you wish to buy, sell and trade in. Networks are simply names used to group people by their association with each other - for example a network can be a town, place of work, neighborhood association, college - or just a group of friends. When you enter an item you can select one of your networks that item will display in. Then when someone has that same network in their user defaults they will see your item when they perform a search. If you have several networks in your user defaults and you ask that the item display in 'all of my networks' then when someone performs a search and they have any one of your networks in their user defaults they will see your item.
How does the search for items from 'everyone' work?
When you enter an item and select it to display for 'everyone' it will then display for friends only marketplace users who request to see items from everyone (they will also see items from their friends and friends of friends) - and the item will display to anyone that performs a search from the myFlexads home page. This includes individuals that are not registered users at myFlexads. This is best suited for items that are unique and need a nationwide or world wide group of buyers.
How can I best control who I buy, sell and trade with?
If you want to insure that you only trade with those you know you should select the 'friends only' or possibly the 'friends of friends' option. Then only those individuals you add to your friends list, or your friends add to their friends list will be trading with you. Our networks are not controlled as to who may use them. Most of our users prefer this because it requires less maintenance. You can create a network to share with your friends and select to have it not display on searches - this makes it very difficult for others to use it. As always you need to be careful when trading with individuals that you do not know. Please refer to our security center for more information.
How are items in the Friends only marketplace different from those not in the Friends only marketplace?
Items listed in the categories of Vehicles and Real estate can not be listed in the Friends only marketplace. This is because these items typically benefit from being advertised outside of local areas (such as towns, cities, schools etc). The other items are household items that can be listed within the Friends only marketplace (the local level) or displayed to everyone. If you join the Friends only marketplace you set up your user defaults and can choose to have your items (other than Vehicles and Real estate) listed for a certain network (towns etc) or displayed to everyone. If you do not join the Friends only marketplace and enter a household type item from the home page it will be displayed to everyone.


Pay per click ad specific questions

Can I set up my ad in myFlexads to use pay per click for other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing?
Yes you can. If you choose either of our PPC options we can send you the setup instructions and you can use them as a basis for setting up pay per click for other search engine sites. We are currently working on including Yahoo and Bing as options for our $39.95 PPC option in which we set up and monitor your ad.
How can I keep from being charged for clicks from people that aren't interested in buying my item?
The most important thing you can do is make sure your ad is not misleading and your ad clearly indicates your are attempting to sell your item. You may even want to include your price in your ad to cut down on the number of bargain hunters - or attract them if your item is a bargain. Also, rest assurred that no one is going to be clicking on your ad just to charge your account. Google carefully monitors clicks to insure there are no false clicks and only Google is being compensated for clicks on your ad and they can certainly be trusted.
If I choose the PPC option in which myFlexads sets up my ad, why do I have to pay the $29.95 monthly monitoring fee?
When we set up the ad for you we must set it up on our Google account. That means we are incurring all of the costs for clicks on your ad. Therefore we must get your monthly spend amount in advance to be used to pay for the clicks on your ad, then we monitor the ad daily to insure you are getting the appropriate number of clicks to maximize your ad exposure without going over the amount you set to be spent each month on clicks. We do this my adjusting the keywords (phrases entered in the search engine for which your ad will be displayed), the cost per click, area of the country in which the ad will be displayed and several other factors.
Can I have myFlexads set up my ad then I take over the monthly monitoring?
Yes, and this is a good option for people that are computer savvy and have the time to monitor their PPC ad themselves. Just choose the $39.95 option and we would suggest that you select the option to allow myFlexads to adjust keywords etc as needed. You will be charged $29.95 for one month of monitoring and at the end of the month we will send you the instructions on how to set up the PPC ad in Google, details of your keywords and other settings and any remaining balance in your PPC monthly spend reserve account. The first month is when most changes are made to your ad settings so we need this time to make sure your ad is off to a good start.
Can I convert an existing ad I have with myFlexads to use the PPC feature?
Yes, just go to the Account page, click on your ad to change it, then go through each page until you get to the Options Selection page. You can select one of the PPC options here and then your ad will be a PPC ad.


Facebook sign on questions

Can I use both a log in with myFlexads and Facebook?
No, you must choose to log in with myFlexads using our registration or Facebook - but not both. However if you have registered with us you can click on 'log in with Facebook' and then choose to link the accounts. From that point forward you can log in to myFlexads using your Facebook account.
If I have already registered with myFlexads can I switch to using my Facebook account?
Yes. If you have registered with us you can click on 'log in with Facebook' and then choose to link the accounts. From that point forward you can log in to myFlexads using your Facebook account.