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Friends only marketplace - introduction

This is where you want to be for buying, selling and trading your items with only friends - or friends of your friends, or classmates, co-workers, neighbors - people that you know - for FREE. You control who sees your items and who you trade with - from friends only - to everyone! This is perfect for using as your college classifieds for buying and selling college textbooks, furniture etc - or trading media (video games, books, movies etc) with your friends - or for a virtual garage sale for buying and selling household items. You can get set up quickly and come back to change it whenever you like. It's simple!


1. Sign in (if already a registered user) or register now (it's quick and easy) or use your Facebook account.


2. Set up your defaults and join a network (work, neighborhood, town, school etc), or create your own network.


3. Invite your friends (you can select them from Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and many other sources).


4. Enter your items to sell or trade (we have a quick one line entry to enter them in no time).

And you're done! You will receive an email when someone is interested in one of your items and you can browse items from others and contact those that you are interested in.

The most popular uses for the Friends Only Marketplace are:

Just set up your network (if one doesn't already exist) then invite your friends or neighbors using our easy tools to inform them of the network you set up and begin trading.