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Pay per click program at myFlexads

Want to sell your yacht, exotic car or unique piece of real estate? (or anything else for that matter) Here is how one of our customers did it using our pay per click program!

The following is the actual ad that appeared in Google for our customer that was selling his sailboat on myFlexads using one of our pay per click programs. (it is no longer there as it has since been sold) This ad would only be displayed if someone entered the keyword 'caliber 40' in the Google search box. The ad is worded not only to attract buyers, but also to insure that only someone that was interested in buying a Caliber 40 would click on the ad. (each click ended up costing him an average of .52)

1993 Caliber 40 for Sale
Excellent boat recently upgraded
Like new condition, price reduced

Here is the actual report from the Google AdWords system that shows the performance of the keyword 'caliber 40' for this ad during the time the ad was active on our pay per click program from 11/2008 to 8/2009.

Keyword Status Max.
Clicks Impr.   Avg.
Cost Avg.
"caliber 40"
276 6,209 4.45% $0.52 $144.30 1.1




This tells us that the user had set a maximum cost per click (CPC) of $1.00 but the average CPC was just .52. There were 6,209 impressions of the ad (times it was displayed) and it was clicked on 276 times for a total cost of $144.30. The average position of the ad was 1.1 - meaning when someone entered 'caliber 40' from the Google search box this ad was usually the first ad displayed.

Below is a partial screen shot of the ad in myFlexads that was displayed when a user clicked on the Google AdWords ad shown above:


Our pay per click program makes it easy for you to have the ad for the item you are selling appear when doing a search from a search engine such as Google. A pay per click program is best when you are selling an item that is somewhat unique. For example you would not want to advertise a 'Ford Mustang' in this way, you would get far too many unwanted clicks. However advertising a 'Ford Mustang Shelby' may be appropriate. You can even choose to have your ad only displayed to users within a certain number of miles of your location to minimize clicks from buyers that may not purchase your item.

For just $19.95 you can place your ad on our site until it's sold, you get up to 20 pictures, your ad will be a featured ad until it's sold and we will send you detailed instructions on how to set up your ad within the Google AdWords pay per click program. We will not be involved in setting up your AdWords account, that will be totally between you and Google. But our instructions will step you through creating your account in Google, creating the ad, choosing the keywords and setting the amount you are willing to pay for each click. Each time someone clicks your ad they will be sent directly to your ad in myFlexads. We have absolutely no access to your Google account and receive no compensation from Google for any charges on your AdWords account.